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Lisbon Project – A Recap

If you have been following along on my Instagram, you will have noticed that I was in Portugal for two weeks at the beginning of March.
Since March was the only month with zero weddings as this enquiry came, I thought why not. It was a mission trip organised by Campus Connect Berlin. And even if I knew none of the team and I am super shy, let alone go on Campus & share about my believe, I decided to go jump in at the deep end.
I mean you cannot walk around and always say you don´t like something, unless you have tried it.
La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-10

So there I was, first flight and on my way. Since German Winter is a especially foolish when you mean to leave the country (it has happened before) I lost my connection in Frankfurt. Defrosting took almost an hour & despite my effort to run for fifteen minutes & almost collapsing at the Lufthansa counter I did not make it. But then I got a meal and a drink on the house & arrived still on time with the others from Berlin.

Why did I join this project?
Personally it was all for trying out something new. To test my own limits & learn from God.
The group aim was to support the new founded group in Lisbon & find believers on all Campuses who would be interested in leading a christian student movement. Basically what I do on my free time in Stuttgart. Just that I did never before do surveys on Campus.

La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-3

For two weeks we shared a house, got to know the local Campus (Cru) team, met with students & did surveys on campus. It was a challenging & good experience. So here you will find  a mix of images from the training / campus days & the evenings when we toured the city.
One of my favourite nights was as we visited a local Fado bar & listened to the heart breaking songs. And meeting a dear friend of mine from way back, which I meet like every three years. Such a joy! Well basically any good light moment and any honest conversation counts as a favourite. So it is hard to decide. 😉

La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-2

This was the first get together at our place. We had a mega huge apartment with antique furniture. This alone made me tremendously happy 😉

And a baby pup to keep the joy coming. Her name is Lola and she speaks Portuguese & English.

La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-5 Campo tecnico, where I spent most of my days. Loved the view & the sun.
La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-6La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-7La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-8

 Our street.La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-9La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-11La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-12La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-13La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-14La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-15La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-16La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-18La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-19La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-20

 The view from San Sebastian, where we stayed, all the way down to the harbour.La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-21La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-22La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-23La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-24

The night of the Fado.
We were deeply impressed by this gentleman singing with is ninety-two years and apparently being one of the well know Fado poets of the country. La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-25La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-26La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-28La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-29La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-30La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-31La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-32La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-33La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-34La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-35La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-36La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-37La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-38

 On the 28 attempting a group selfie.La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-39La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-40La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-41La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-43

La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-42 Practising my model face, but then I crack and this happens.
La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-44La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-45La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-46La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-48La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-49

 At the water front for sundown. La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-50

 It was sooo good to see you & catch up, Sudeep! La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-51La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-52

 This is what happens when others take the pic. But it is nice that the gentlemen are on focus. 😉La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-53

Visiting Belém for SundayLa Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-55La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-57La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-56

Them aim of this afternoon was simply to sit by the river rushing to the ocean, and breath. La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-58La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-59La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-63La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-62La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-64La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-65La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-66La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-68La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-69La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-70La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-71La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-72La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-73La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-74La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-75

Germany is not only hard to get away from but also hard to get back to.

On the last day, I was actually sad to leave this town. I had just warmed up to sharing and asking students about their belief.

These two students we met on the very first day. Portuguese people in general are very friendly, open & warm. Something which made me feel at home right away. But these two blew our mind with their kindness & friendly way to help us out in any possible way. It was such a valuable experience to meet you guys!

Thank you so!La Rici Photography - LIsbonProject-77

Ps, there will be more from Portugal & a small picturesque village we spent the last two days in.

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