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Engagement Session in Würzburg

There is truly nothing like a friend letting you in on the secret, of having found the girl he wants to make his wife. Except maybe the honour of keeping this information to yourself over weeks and months… always smiling quietly to myself, but never giving away hints. Since at this point in the story Daniel did not even have a girlfriend. But he had met her & he was enchanted by her goodness & radiant joy.

034 copyThe first time he saw her in that lecture hall he knew there was something special about her & therefore did everything in his power to get to know her.Who would have thought that your mutual love for God makes you even more perfect for each other?

As I moved away from Stuttgart Johanna moved into my room in that lovely apartment of ours. What can I say? It is a good place. 😉 Whenever I visit I get to see your beauty united and I am in awe.  You are the most passionate & powerful couple I know & I truly cannot wait what the rest of the world will see of you. You are wonderful together! Thank you for asking me to take your images & more so, for this friendship! It means so much.

Many blessings for your journey!

Oh and we did this fun session on a rainy day, so all the drops you see are real.


Gosh, I am in love with the joy Daniel brings into Johanna´s smiles!

It is contagious.021065064070

Johanna, you are sooo beautiful!077076027078011104031 copy107110112

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