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A Stroll in Versailles

The sheer crowd in front of the castle completely overwhelmed me & my empty stomach pushed me to the verge of a very severe case of hangry. Still Chris persuaded us to at least check out the garden of Versailles. And gratefully he succeeded. Because what was meant to be a stop on the way back, turned into one of my favourite things to see near Paris. The light was super duper awesome close to the evening & indulged myself in running around and chuckling to myself while snapping images to my hearts delight.


This was the last day of our little getaway for the After Wedding Shooting to Paris. And here is a tip for you, which you probably already knew, but I will tell you anyway. Versailles on a Sunday is crazy! Like crazy! If you want to check it out with more peace I recommend to do this on a weekday. Or least this is what I will do. Since I am determined to visit again.

Also, if you want to be part of the next leisurely stroll or if you would love to have a shooting in Paris, feel free to shoot me a line.

I would love to hear from you!


Evening light can we please date forever?la-rici-photography-versailles-fall-024photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-014photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-012photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-028photo

Thanks Chris 😉

Oh those colors <3la-rici-photography-versailles-fall-020photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-017photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-023photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-022photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-025photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-027photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-030photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-029photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-031photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-032photola-rici-photography-versailles-fall-033photo

Goodbye & till soon.la-rici-photography-versailles-fall-034photo

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