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Monday Post

My new year certainly started out with one of my last years’ goals. In 2015 I had found my total lack of traveling had made me regret how I had made use of my time besides following & dreaming for my absolute passion. Thus I had formulated the goal to travel more and be it only for two or three days between the projects. This then, turned into a happy accumulation of what one could call over achievement. So much that I did not even manage to blog about all the journeys. Let me just say. I travelled to the south beginning with Italia, Portugal and France in spring and traveled a bit more mid european with Switzerland and Austria and then Paris again, just for the fun of it. Looking back at the past years it feels like I have only been to the south. So much that the north got kinda jealous & complained. Which is why I decided to visit a new country the opposite direction than usual. Denmark it was for the last day of the past year. And then some more of the new. Which is why I got to explore a new concept of living with my very own eyes.


I had heard rumours and seen images, caught whispers shared but never experienced it for myself. The philosophy of life how the Danes live it. I was completely and utterly enchanted by all the cozy houses & dreamy apartments I got to see. And feeling the ice cold wind against my – what I thought well dressed – body explained very much why. In winter it is best to stay indoors & the Danes excel in this one! When you do that it is only natural that you give in to the cake feast. Did you know that Danes consume the double  amount of cakes & sweet pastries compared with the rest of Europe? Yeah, neither did I. It is a good place to be for cake lovers. 😉

Now I am back & other than working through my sweet withdrawels, started taking on the new year. On the first day back in Stuttgart we taught a Photography for beginners workshop. On the same day we decided to set up a mail list for new attendees. Sooo, if you are interested in visiting our Photography for beginners workshop, don´t wait till we announce it. Drop us a line (at info@janwillphotography.com ) & we will contact you as soon as we the next one on the calendar.


What did ya´ll do for the winter break?

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