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Monday Musings – A Day for Happiness

Happy Monday to you friend!

Did you know that today is the International Day of Happiness?

Oh yeah, this morning I got a whatsapp message from my sweetest friend. Lets call her HoneyBee. She is the best. In the past years we have not talked a lot, but every time we did it was the biggest joy & source of happiness you could possibly imagine. She sent me a reminder in the early hours to remember this sweet day. So here we are.

What are some things that make you happy?
Small things.

List some of them today & while you get a paper and a pen I will tell you some of my total favourite small things that lift up my heart.

La Rici Photography - Basel August015 Photo

Baby puppies going for a training walk past Saturday outside my kitchen window. Oh, it took everything I had to not run outside in my pjs for stealing a pup.

Mint coloured anything.

Swimming downriver with a friend past summer. Into the sunset. Kill me now!

Visiting my favourite soul (Mau) for the weekend. Staying over night. Pyjama party with worship night enrolled with a big crêpe testing and cinnamon & melted butter for topping.

La Rici Photography - Basel August010 Photo

Finding common friends. Like yesterday I was in said friends kitchen chatting to the sweetest lady from Egypt. Crazy. I have one other friend from Cairo & I started telling her about him… I mean. Just so. And guess what happened? As if there are only two people from Cairo in Germany?!?! They know each other!

Watching the stars on the rooftop terrace. Or in the garden. Campfire.

La Rici Photography - CafèLebensfreude sw25

Listening to an old jazz LP for breakfast.

Walking a new garden. Like Versailles.

Being given a new book to read.

Dreaming new dreams.

Scribbling down messy ideas turned words and anchors.

Thinking about passion.

Days getting longer again.

Did you know that Denmark has its very own institute of Happiness? Oh yes! I always think that should I ever one day get tired to hold my camera, I will absolutely get into happiness research. 🙂

First day of Spring!

Planning the next short trip.


La Rici Photography - Birthday flowers 001

Cheering others on.

Receiving news from friends in Madagascar.

Sparking passion in a new friends. Seeing how the eyes catch fire and suddenly there is a new connection born.

Words, quotes, songs.

Like this one.

Or words like these. On of my total favourite Ted talks of all times.

And a new portrait session with horses, which will come this week.

La Rici Photography - Horse Shooting - Hechingen37 photo

Do tell me what makes you happy!

Have a great new week!!

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  • Louisa

    Thank you my dear!!! 😙

    Your happy list is also the biggest inspiration, I look forward to you delivering a TED talk one day and I’ll be the first to get tickets!! Un’abbracione😊ReplyCancel

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