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Peaks of a Slow Week & Where to Find Education

Aren´t you like out of your job in Winter? This or similar question are among the more frequent ones when someone learns I am a wedding photographer.

This is a cute concept but to be quite raw with you, I have plentiful lists of how to make good use of that time. One is, to shoot three weddings in February. Yes, you read that right! Another list is to educate myself on all the things I have been pushing away during the busy months.

Finally I have the time I was waiting for. Yesterday I explained my head off to my intern on how I tackle wedding days. So much that she took a nap after the three hour intensive course in the arm chair. Oh, love that spot in our studio 😉

My first tip on where to find good education is on creativeLive.

It is a platform which started out for just photographers and now has grown far beyond this. Finances, strategies, lifestyle, music, design, … you name it. When you catch the workshop live it is for free. When you wann purchase later you check out the fees for each course. Needless to say I binged on that while I was still a student. Educators I truly enjoyed are Ramit Sethi, Jasmine Star, Joe Buissink, Roberto Valenzuela, Sue Bryce and the list goes on.

La Rici Photography - Portrait - Paris02 photo-2

(this is not really how I usually read, in case you were wondering)

La Rici Photography - Portrait - Paris01 photo

Finding Posing tips for my intern. While explaining about this to her, I was really wondering where did I learn all that? For many years I have followed some great photographers very closely on their blog. Find some tricks from Katelyn James here or Justin & Mary here.

And finally reading some books which I have started but not finished. Like Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert. Some which I finished like #GIRLBOSS from Sophia Amoruso. Great one, read it!!! One which I think should be translated to English Love Your Neighbour from David Togni. Anybody with me? Let me know if you wanna team up. And for good measure one which I have read several times The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. Just for the adventure of it.

Whats your favourite way to learn new things?

Let me know 😉

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