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Monday Post

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

I had such a wonderful weekend. A long and super warm May wedding with the sweetest couple ever. They have planned their big day so beautifully & detailed that the bride was early in church. And because whats the use of already being at the door and not walking in? She walked in ten minutes early & the priest totally missed it. So, picture it. We are all at the font: groom, bride, band, families and all are kind of staring at me. Since you know, I face them and then I mustered up my courage and tiptoed to the vestibule. His face as I told him that the bride was not only here, but already at the altar was a little bit funny. And yes, the band had already played.

La Rici Photography - Osterglocken, Erfurt
It was a good start to a most wonderful blue skied day, which ended with the best dance floor party I have seen in a long time and was crowned with a blush ombre coloured macaron cake. I mean, amen!
La Rici Photography - Krämer Brücke , Erfurter Blau
On another happy note, I had a super big parcel delivered this morning to my door. Lufthansa has decided to sponsor my new suitcase. Oh how I love that! And isn´t it funny that they wrap a suitcase? Just a thought.
La Rici Photography - Krämer BrückeLa Rici Photography - Krämer Brücke Erfurt
So how was your beginning of the new week?
Any food tips for warm days like 32+ degrees?
Have a blast!



Ps; all images from the Krämerbrücke in Erfurt. The cutest little medieval bridge.





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