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Six Easy Ways on – How to Rock your Winter Wedding

I seriosly could not come up with a better blog post title. Oh Gosh…

This galant fact aside,… There are some wonderful reasons to why more couples choose to get married during the winter season. Some prefer snowy portraits, others have only the time between years to fly in all the family from all over the world, other chose it for health / allergy reasons. What ever your reason for getting married in winter is, here are a couple of tricks on how to make this day more smoothly (and warm) for you.

Plan portrait time according to the sunset time

Talk to your photographer about which kind of images you want and which images would require daylight and then adjust the timeline according to the sunset time. An easy way to make more of the daylight is, to have the portrait session prior to the ceremony. If you opt for a first look, you could also add on some time for portraits and this way get more images before the ceremony as well. Also the assumption that there is too little light in December or January is not true. I have had some of the most photogenic sunsets in winter. 🙂

Plan B for worst case weather Even if I think there is not really a very bad weather case for portraits, it helps to have a suitable location in the back of your head for portraits. Especially if it is really cold and you don´t want to stay outside for to long. You can find indoor portrait locations in many buildings, here are some ideas: a cute café, hotel lobby or historic museum building, any historic building like castles ;), vintage theatre or movie theatre. If it is a public building make sure you ask for a photo permission in advance. It takes away a lot of time and energy arriving some wonderful place just to find out, one is not allowed to take photos there.

Bring them layers on – dress according to the occasion If you are the bride AND you are wearing a long dress, why not put on some extra layers? No one will know & it sure is an easy trick to keep you warm & healthy during the day. And I do not mean those see through nylons, think more snow hike tights. I even had some brides wear thick winter boots underneath that long gown.

Blankets and hot water bottles If you are planning to be outside for a bit longer and shoot in more than one location or even hike the location, why not bring some cosy outside. And a friend right along with it. This way you and your loved one can warm up in between and keep your hands / fingers warm for the ceremony. (That is for the option of portraits before the church.)

A tea or two

A thermos in the bag has never done any harm, right? Ok, that might not be entirely true. But some warm fluid to warm up inside is not to be underestimated on those freezing days.

Bring a fur or throw

A wonderful accessorise for a winter wedding could be a your inherited grandmammas´ fur jacket or maybe even a throw which matches your wedding´s theme and colours.


And at the end of the day there is nothing quite so romantic as plenty of excuse to snuggle up and hold on tight. And as for those twinkly lights? So in love!!

Do you have another question? Let me know in the comment box below.

Have a jolly winter weekend!

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