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My favourite wedding guest I ran into during the last weeks was a young chap. He was only in his late 80s and had a lovely smile carved into the wrinkles of his face. At one point during cocktail hour he walked over to me. Mustering me from closer he leaned in to see my camera and said, ‘I used to be a photographer. Something like forty years ago.` Which of course is the best conversation starter I have heard in EVER! ‘During the war I was in a war camp in Russia and took pictures in secret.` I just stared… ‘Later I used to photograph the race cars and all the high society with it.  … ‘Once I photographed the queen of England, during her visit in Stuttgart.’ feel free to imagine my mouth wide agape by now… I was blown away by this mans life and was only left to nod and smile, since my semi shouted words did not seem to reach him anymore. Thus I smiled contentedly at him and longed to hear stories of a life which seemed to burst with photographic adventure. 

La Rici Photography Portrait Venice photoOne thing, that caught my attention was his genuine interest in my own photography. He asked about my external flash and who I used it during the ceremony (romantic, low lit castle hall). He told me about his recently passed wife and how he had taken photos of her grave.  View full post »

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La Rici Photography - Hochzeit Gärtnerei Elsässer 014 Photo

Ya´ll know how much I love the south? Yes, and international couples? And garden parties? Well, here is a wedding that had all of this and even more. This sweet couple met during their studies in Würzburg. In Würzburg of all places!! Where I studied & part of my heart completely stayed. I loved the warmth this day held. You know what was even better? There was no long drive or travels or flight to get to all of this goodness. And It  was literally just down the road. Can you believe it? 😉

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Why I waited so long, I do not know. One thing is for sure. To wait five years to return to Siena was wayyyy to long. Finally we entered this town again. Ancient red brick walls, narrow streets, everybody on foot. As we walked the olive garden again. That one behind the universities’ canteen… one thing was for sure. It has been too long. And taking in the old view of the tuscan country side, it was almost to much to handle.

Thankfully I had very understanding travel companions to wait till the ebb and flow of old and new emotions washed over me. Five years ago. On these grounds I had quietly dreamed for the first time to become a wedding photographer. And at night I had sat in front of the universities’ main building because the wifi was most reliable & watched hours and hours… maybe even weeks of photography workshops.

I organised weekly photo walks and was never uttering a word of my dreams. Just practising and soaking up every inch of light. And now? Now, I am earning my income, while living my dream. It is quite outrageous. The only thing missing is my very own weddings in Italia. 😉

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Dear Souls!

It´s Monyay again. I love this day!

Maybe even more so, since this week holds wonderful new adventures.

After lunch I will head to Würzburg and join one of my total favourite passion projects. Which is Kirche im Club feat Love Würzburg. This time we will have Jake Hamilton as a guest speaker & it is going to be awesome. If you are around the area, come and hang out!

On the happy travel note. I will be in Italia in the next months and if you are interested in a session in Tuscany, Umbria and the Venice area shoot me a line!! Lets make plans together!!

La Rici Photography - Summer wedding Egloffhofen

^this up there is my heart on a field.

I could explode with all the beauty this day held! Like literally I cried when I hugged the bride goodbye.

There will come much more from this day! Just hold on to your seats!

Have a great new week from me and Dean Martin!! (Currently singing duets at the studio)

PS, Thanks to my dear Mau! I love this photo like crazy!!

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Soft grey skies.

One year into their love story. Two souls. And a day full of strolls around Paris.

La Rici Photography - Paris - After Wedding Shooting 43 Photo

It was meant as an almost joke. You know, as in, why don´t we go to Paris for an after wedding shooting?!? While Anna & Chris had prepared for their wedding day one of the things they emphasised on, was time with their guests. Both had spent time abroad and their guests travelled from all over the globe to be at their wonderful wedding.
This was the time when the idea about the after wedding shooting was born. And what do you know? For their first anniversary celebration we all drove to Paris. Gosh, what a crazy dream turned reality!!

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