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Dear Souls!

It´s Monyay again. I love this day!

Maybe even more so, since this week holds wonderful new adventures.

After lunch I will head to Würzburg and join one of my total favourite passion projects. Which is Kirche im Club feat Love Würzburg. This time we will have Jake Hamilton as a guest speaker & it is going to be awesome. If you are around the area, come and hang out!

On the happy travel note. I will be in Italia in the next months and if you are interested in a session in Tuscany, Umbria and the Venice area shoot me a line!! Lets make plans together!!

La Rici Photography - Summer wedding Egloffhofen

^this up there is my heart on a field.

I could explode with all the beauty this day held! Like literally I cried when I hugged the bride goodbye.

There will come much more from this day! Just hold on to your seats!

Have a great new week from me and Dean Martin!! (Currently singing duets at the studio)

PS, Thanks to my dear Mau! I love this photo like crazy!!

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Soft grey skies.

One year into their love story. Two souls. And a day full of strolls around Paris.

La Rici Photography - Paris - After Wedding Shooting 43 Photo

It was meant as an almost joke. You know, as in, why don´t we go to Paris for an after wedding shooting?!? While Anna & Chris had prepared for their wedding day one of the things they emphasised on, was time with their guests. Both had spent time abroad and their guests travelled from all over the globe to be at their wonderful wedding.
This was the time when the idea about the after wedding shooting was born. And what do you know? For their first anniversary celebration we all drove to Paris. Gosh, what a crazy dream turned reality!!

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Recently I got the sweetest question about my travel photography. The sister of the groom contacted me & shared her travel plans to Lisbon. Oh what a happy place! Of course we had to share some good places to visit in Portugals jewel first. After some mails the question about my travel lens came up.

So here is the thing. If I get to take just one lens, it is always my 50m 1.4. It is my baby. Truly, I carry it everywhere. I use this lens as an all rounder. It does not always have the width which would be handy for landscape images. But my shoulder & back often cry for light luggage & thats  that. I use this lense for street shots, spontaneous portraits and even details shots when I take just this one lens. Really, all day.

La Rici Photography - Number one travel lens 1
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Friends, the past week was full of goodness!!
We had a true summer week with days full of sunshine, espresso on the rooftop, temperature above 33 degrees and summer storms. Oh yes, and what was even better than the smell of fresh cut gras after the rain was the note that my After Weddign Shooting in Paris was published. It was the first time I have submitted work of mine to an American blog & was so super excited that they responded immediately that they would love to publish Anna & Chris´After Wedding Shooting. Oh I was dancing with high pitched swirls around the studio!

These two have my heart! They are incredible & as the idea formed that we would go to Paris for an after wedding shooting I was over the moon!!!

Head over to the Black Tie Bride Blog here & see the whole blog post 😀

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When was the last time you have seen an entire wedding party on the river? Me neither. As Anja & Andi told me about their plans for the wedding and how they had organised a punt boat tour while we took portraits, they realised how much they love the boat ride idea & decided to share that experience with their whole wedding party. Which is why, this is the first time ever I have seen a bride & groom on a tiny boat like this. And also why I asked Rieke to join the happiness from the riverbanks with a very long lens & left the SD cards in her dry hands. You know, just in case. Did I ever tell you that tiny boats which rock dangerously back and forth freak me out? No? With all of my gear strapped to my clinging arms come with that. As you have probably guessed by no Monday post about a me kissing the water with gear in hand, you have guessed right, all of me stayed dry. And all the other guests were perfectly fine to.

La Rici Photography - Hochzeit Tübingen 043 Photo

Anja & Andi were the most wonderful couple! Wait till you see their party location! It was decorated lovingly to every single page of every singe nook with caring details. They had so many great classics laid out that I really had to refrain from squealing about the whole place, while I took the detail pictures. I mean Austen, Bronte, Schiller, and lots of books I could not read since they were in Russian. 😉 A book lovers wedding <3

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