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Favourite Things

Oh hello there!

I am a light addict. My favourite light is just before sunset, no surprise and preferably in the south.

Maybe even some place were the crickets wake you before the waves on the shore do.

This then would happen in the morning. ūüėČ

Music is a big part of my life and when trying to limit it to some genre, I can¬īt.

I pick them (?) by day. When I feel really comfortable around you I might sing out loud.

I make a lot of noises which might be categorised as weird. My roomy called them the Rici sound system.

La Rici Photography - Cascais001

If the ancient major of general studies would still have existed at university I would have chosen to study it.

Instead I set out on my own to study as many topics on the side as possible while majoring in economics

& management and English & Italiano. For some time I studied La Dolce Vita in Toscana.

You might think I am joking, but in this case I keep it with Jack Sparrow

¬†“Unless, of course, I¬†knew you wouldn’t believe the truth even if I¬†told it to you. “

La Rici Photography - Roma001

Oh by the way, I love movies, books and stories. Come with that quoting them.

I took all the classes on Jane Austen at my university & might have gotten a little carried away about cultural studies.

I am convinced that I am not done with studying…, yet.

La Rici Photography - Roma002

I love the infinite range of joy displayed on the human face. Like toes-drumming on the wood floor crazy-love.

Giggling with friends is one of my favourite things to do. And visiting friends. All over the world.

Travel is on the list as well.

I love the weight of the camera in my right hand and all the gorgeousness I get to capture with it.

I collect memories with the glimpse of my eye, the pen in my hand and the camera in my bag.

I love writing down grateful-lists.

I love to think that my journey is a quest for the beauty held in joy and always, always a journey closer to my God.

La Rici Photography - Cascais002


kindly, Rici.


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