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Happy Monday Beautiful People!

I had such a wonderful weekend. A long and super warm May wedding with the sweetest couple ever. They have planned their big day so beautifully & detailed that the bride was early in church. And because whats the use of already being at the door and not walking in? She walked in ten minutes early & the priest totally missed it. So, picture it. We are all at the font: groom, bride, band, families and all are kind of staring at me. Since you know, I face them and then I mustered up my courage and tiptoed to the vestibule. His face as I told him that the bride was not only here, but already at the altar was a little bit funny. And yes, the band had already played.

La Rici Photography - Osterglocken, Erfurt
It was a good start to a most wonderful blue skied day, which ended with the best dance floor party I have seen in a long time and was crowned with a blush ombre coloured macaron cake. I mean, amen!
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Somedays the most simple things can be the most beautiful. It does not have to be the castle yard. The lawn just down the road. The soft evening light seeping through the ripples of joy. Her hand in his.  White skirt and blue shirt. Smiles.

La Rici Photography - Engagement Shooting Stuttgart 038

Just after work and when exams were over. Going out together. Twirls. Timid eyes. With a little bit of Greece & Portugal and lots of sun between them. The best kind of days.

Labrini & Joi, I just completely loved the time with you! Thank you for letting me see your love, joy & tenderness! There are so many favourite images from our time in the fields, that you made it really hard for me to put together the blog post 😉

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How to be a Good Bridesmaid

This was a great question asked to me by a friend who will be a bridesmaid this summer. As for me, I have never been a bridesmaid (always behind the camera 😉 but I have had the joy of seeing a lot of great friends & caring hearts during the weddings I have accompanied.
This said, here are some pointers for making your dear friends day run even smoother. None of us are perfect, but these tips might help you to serve your wedding couple even better.

How to be a good bridesmaid - La Rici Photography Photo

Show up
This one seems basic, but it has happened several times that the bride was about to get in her dress and the bridesmaid have not shown up. Gladly by now, I have gotten pretty good at soothing the bride, sipping the dress (or have my assistant helping the bride in her dress) and taking pictures at the same time. Still, you will save your friend so much stress, nerves and even tears by simply being there for her on time.

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The hardest thing about travelling is, leaving behind the dearest friends you truly carry in your heart. This sums my week in England pretty well up. It was the greatest joy to visit my sweet friend Louisa in England. We had lived in the same street in Siena, Tuscany about five years ago. It seemed like only yesterday, that we had our last pizza take away on a secluded corner of the Contrada dalla Torre (name of our neighbourhood)  terazza. Wondering out loud how life would continue from here on.


La Rici Photography - Oxford01 Photo

Past week, finally I made my way to the United Kingdom and we spent a precious week with quiet hours, photowalks and an almost unbelievable amount of deep conversations. What a precious time! The last day we spent exploring Oxford. Let me just say: so in love with this picturesque city!!! I think there was not a single street we meandered down I did not take at least a dozen images of the house fronts and college entries. What a place!! View full post »

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Life´s intersections have a funny way at times. I remember running into Janina in an elevator somewhere on my way to Tuscany as she was transitioning between Italia & England. I was on my way back to Siena & we met for the short ride between trains and semesters. Years later we met again, not so much on accident but on purpose this time. On the couch in our sunny studio space she sat with her fiancé Markus.

La Rici Photography - intimate wedding - Ludwigsburg 15 Photo

Weeks later, on a day which had the warmth of our south to its name, they promised their marriage vows. Italian music playing to chime in a new transition of life once more. Dear Janina & Markus, thank you for asking me along! It was such a joy & pleasure to have a bit of Italian atmosphere right in Baden-Wuerttemberg!! View full post »

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