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Monday Post

At the beginning of the new year we bought a car for the studio. After gathering some information about natural gas cars, Jan settled on a VW up!. But for me being a secret fan of big German cars I made a good amount of fun of this tiny fellow. Such as, if you put your hand out of the window on the highway you might turn… or you can make a u-turn in a single parking lot space. Today I am pretty pleased to report that the first two weddings were safely travel to and back again. I even drove all the way to my home town and I am most pleased to report that it did not blow me off the bridge going 160km/h. Obviously, one of my biggest fears sitting in a car as big as a bathtub. What a wonderful surprise. On the other hand parking the tiny fellow in a time crunch has become much more easy to handle than with a big  jeep.

All the car talk aside, March is the most chilled month of the year so far, which is why we offered an internship to a lovely friend of ours to make the very best of the slow time & pay forward what we were able to learn. Also, I am tossing around new travel plans. Currently up in the idea mash are England, Shanghai, Greece, Italia (of course). If you wanna go and shoot at any of these places oh, please, send a note my way. I would be most happy to collaborate.

La Rici Photography - Engagement Session - Schwäbisch Gmünd 017

Happy blogging alert! These two sweethearts are coming your way. Saskia and Jonny are the kindest couple of my Würzburg family.  Our friend Mau had organised a surprise engagement shooting for them in Schwäbisch Gmünd & we made a wonderful day out of it. We had café & brunch at a coffee roasting house which is also a showroom and garage for vintage cars. To say the least, it was a total killer location for our hipster hearts! Oh, what a happy day!

La Rici Photography - Schwäbisch Gmünd 001

Can we all just take a moment and adore my pretty friends? Gah!! So in love! Be prepared for more happy gorgeous within the next days.

Happy Mondaying!


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  • Sarina

    Aaawwh! So schön, dass ihr die beiden so toll überrascht habt!! Ihr hattet bestimmt eine total schöne Zeit. Und wirklich – eine coole Location.
    Herzliche Grüße aus MünchenReplyCancel

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